Fatherless Daughters (my Story)

tbh in my opinion i dont have a dad my mothers raised me on her own although my father was in my two sisters and my brothers lifes for a few years but i never really new him. i did meet my dad when i was nine and i new him for about a mouth ish i spent christmas with him i went to ireland for two weeks and it was amazing to see family a never knew "/ i got to no a gran which i never had before its only me my ma two sisters and brother dont no anyone else in my family and to meet half was amazing my god mother and father tthat was amazing and tbqh i reallly did like my dad and i thought he'd be in my life ever after that but he told me on the phone after we got back he wanted nothing to do with me i was nine.i ws totally heartbroken i then i saw why my older siblins hated him so much. but i never got a chance to know him so i wanted to.anyways he got married in that june and we moved on with our lives. sometimes i look on his facebook profile to remind myself what he looks like and how hard could it have been for him to be there for me so i could have a dad.Reading his bebo profile he sound rather content with his new family his wife and step daughter who like 20ish. but that doesnt matter anymore im 15 and still think about him after 6 years. maybe he'll come back into my life one day and tbh i would give him another shot because i still want a dad in my life.and i desprately want to know if he ever thinks about me!! x
Laurra Laurra
Jul 24, 2010