I Hate My Dad

i am 14 and my dad never lets me go out of the house...NEVER....ex. my mom and me was going on a trip and my dad says that i have to watch my dog and i said to put him in a dog hotel and it was like 28 dollars and you know what my dad said,,,," i cant go" than i said why and he said he dont got the money and i know he does and then when i keep telling him to let me go he always turn it back on me... and i hate when he does that..... ex. when i do good in school he tells me nothin, when i do bad in school he yells at me..... and i cant take it anymore..... one time i got so mad at him, that when he left i thought about running away ( it got that bad). and i just dont know what to do
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1 Response Jul 25, 2010

Sweetie there are times in which we feel like we are completely torned up. And yes, I have felt it too. My dad is one who doesn't notice his mistakes and expects others to do as he does, since he thinks he does the correct thing all the time. But you know? You can't live like that forever. You will break free from him and live your own life away from him. I have considered running away and commiting suicide as well, and I failed at all suicide attempts. Don't forget that somewhere there's someone who will love you and take care of you. My dad says family is the only place in which you will receive love, etc etc. but this is not always true. Don't give up on the opportunities you have in life and try to go to the better life. Good luck.