I Hate My Dad!

Its a sad thing to say really, but its true. I can't talk to him or tell him how i feel because all he does is take the **** and treat me like a child. He makes me feel so stupid frown  He even has a favourite daughter and thats not me. Everytime time i ask for some money to go out he argues, but he gives my other brothers and sisters money. He used to give my horrible rude brother money for cigerettes and beer. I'm nice arnt i? i have stayed at school i dont smoke, drink or do drugs like most of my other brothers and sister. They dropped out of school at about 12 years of age yet he seems to like them more. I remember being about 7 and crying becaue i fell and hurt my knee, i told my dad and he said "you cant hurt yourself whilst daddy is watching football."  Why would he even say that? all he cares about is himself and working. I have never even hugged my dad or felt close. We never go out anywhere as a family and if i ever ask or say im bored he will be like " what can i do about it" or "go and watch TV."  I get so upset sometimes that i cry. I can't wait until im older so i can move far far away from my so called family and dad. Hmm... i guess its not just my dad that i hate.

AngryJ AngryJ
13-15, F
1 Response Jul 27, 2010

Aw sweetie :( I got problems like that too. My dad thinks I am stupid and doesn't bother to look at his mistakes when he expects others to do so. I cry a lot too, because being at home is just horrible. Don't worry... there will be a time in which we will both be able to get rid of them.. don't lose hope..