I Hate Him So Much.

When my brother was born, my parents and my brother moved to mexico while i stayed in school in california with my uncle.[my moms brother]. We would drive every weekend to visit my parents. On one visit my dads true colors came out.

On that visit to see my parents i was 8 years old. There my dad introduced me to my "BROTHER". He was a kid my age. At the time i didnt understand why he was my brother. On the last day of my visit i was playing on the floor while my four year old brother and my step brother were playing on the stairs. Suddenly we heard a really loud Bang. i looked up to see me brother on the floor and my stepbrother on the stairs laughing. my dad came and yelled who had pushed him off the stairs, and my fucken stepbrother told him i had done it. so my dad pulled me by my hair and dragged me up the stairs. I'll never forget his fucken face and the things he was yelling at my face. He got to his room and he threw me on the floor and told me to get on my knees. By that point i was crying really hard. He told me how i was worthless and how i was such a stupid girl. He started taking off his belt and thats when i started screaming of how scared i was. When i looked up i saw my mom. She was crying but was making NO fucken move to help me or even defend me. Right when the belt was gonna hit me my uncle came yelling that it wasnt my fault.  What had really happened was my step brother had pushed him off the stairs and blamed me. After that my dad just left the room. And still he never apologized to me for that.

When i was 10 i found out my dad had another wife. God i fucken hate that bi tch. if theres another person i hate more than my dad, it would be her. While i was growing up my parents were allways fighting and my dad had two wifes. When my mom was 9 months pregnat with my sister, i was 14. We found out my dad had started seeing some ****. Who is nothing but a gold digging *****. That fucken ***** even hit my mom in the stomach. after that is when i really started hating my dad. When he came home he yelled at my mom for yelling at that *****. He was freaken defending her. My mom locked the door and wouldnt let him leave. Right when he was about to hit my pregnat mom i got in the middle and yelled at him how that *****  had hit my sister and that now the baby wasnt moving anymore. But still he left. When my mom gave birth to my sister my dad wasnt there. All he cares about is himself.
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2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Omg, i feel so sorry for you. Your dads an ars and he can go to hell. My dad tried to kidnap me. but thats not as bad as your dad!

wow, reading this brought a tear to my eye. just know that your not alone, my dad has done worse,and i feel your pain. as im writing this, im sitting in silence in an empty house alone, waiting for my dad to come back from work, and as every minute goes by my heart feels like its about to come out my mouth not knowing what we're going to argue about next today, dreading the fact that i have to look at his face and act like i respect him, when he lost that many years ago. just stay strong!