If You Were Me What Would You Do

i hate my dad cause he when gets angry he shouts at he hitts me shouts at mum and shouts at my brother i wonder why i have sa mean and ruthless dad most time i hope he had never see him first day i was born i was so upset i nearly killed myself i just couldnt take another minitue of him hitting and shouting at my famliy so i still get hit since i was7 years and im 13 so thats 6 years!!!!!!!! of him doing this i wish he would be a better dad.....................................
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1 Response Jul 31, 2010

i hate my dad too and i wish for the day when i can get away from him :s:s<br />
they will never change because they don't understand that they are wrong at the first place, but there will come the day when you will be able o set yourself free from his mad and stupid attitude!!!<br />