I Hate You Dad!!!

I hate you
Cause you make me cry
I hate you
And I want you
To die
I hate you
And I have no clue
When u r around
I don’t know what to do

I hate you
Cause you’re a jackass
And i think you see
I expect you every time
Saying boo
Now I’m afraid
I have to pee
You believe you are
But you will never be
And you know what
Does that mean to me
Go to hell
I’ll never pay that fee

Look I know
 I do Can soar
I hate you
If you want a reason
I’ll give you four
You treat me as abitch
You think so just because
I’m a girl
And I’ll show youwhore
How they really act
Are you seeking for more?

I hate you
Can’t you see it yet?
If you get any closer
I’ll get you dead
In my morals
You got no right to forbid
I hope you’ll see
I am a dude
Not a pet

I hate you
Cause you make it clear
I’ll not be able to
Live with you here
I hate you
And I can bet
You know it more
Than you know
You have aDick

Go to hell
That’s what I want
But your money
Is what makes me hot
And if you give yourself
A sec to think
You’ll get
I’m not that bad
I don’t deserve
What you do
You made me hate you
I don’t want you dad
RehamGhorayeb RehamGhorayeb
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 31, 2010

Nice poem =D