The Truth, That I Wish Was A Lie.

When I was younger, him and I had a great relationship. Then i started getting hit when I was 3. Up until I was 13 years old I use to get punched, slapped, shakenn, dragged. I was told I was fat, a ****, and I would go nowhere in life. I've been publicly embarrassed & emotionally destroyed because of this man. Because of him I never met my older sister and one of my older brothers. I just wanna leave. Worst part of all, I have a mother who will sit there and listen to him tell me ****. A mother that won't do a damn thing about him hitting me. Its almost like she wants to do something, but she doesn't. That's what I hate about her, I love my mother to death, but if she can't stand and see that there's something wrong and won't do anything about it, my respect for her went out the window. I'm 14 now, i really couldn't give two ***** what that man has to say, I'm gonna be succesfull in life and i WILL make it. Just watch me, I just wish I had that loving supportive family that you see on tv. Too all my girls in a situation like this, your not alone. We'll all survive this perdicament because as god says it himself, "Only the strongest will survive". -- Signed, Stephanie D.
sdorismond56 sdorismond56
Aug 2, 2010