My Dickhead Dad

im pretty damn sure my dad didn't even want me and brother to be brought into this world. he is a useless father figure and a failure at life. he is uneducated and all he does is smoke weed and im pretty sure he takes heroin . dont get me wrong he isn't  a major druggie who doesn't do anything and is all scabby and mank .He has a job and what not, but all he does is sit on the ******* sofa all day and does nothing, it drives me insane. the house we live in isn't small or anything it's actually not that bad it just needs decorating ... which he said that he will do for the last three fuckjing years ! |: he took the toilet and the sink out of the bathroom and wripped up the floor and that was it it's been that way for three whole ******* years , the house needs painting badly too and he always says he will do it but he never ******* does.

he is also very unsocial , he doesnt like me to have friends over ever ! and he wont let my brother's girlfriend round 'cos he says the house is a mess but he can fix all that if he ******* wants ! i just think he likes to have it as an excuse . i really am getting sick and tired of this now . everytime he says i will do it and im like yeah yeah we all know nothing is gonna happen he tells me to shut up . i hate my dad he hasn't brought me into this world with good intentions all he has done is provide for me financially, not emotionally or in anyother way , he barely can even hold a conversation with me.

it's also like everything is a competition , say if my mum says oh i need to get up at 6:30am tomorrow :/
he would be like 6 ******* 30 i need to get up at 6am blah blah blah

i really am getting to breaking point i'm so frustrated and sick of this i just want to run away from this life and leave it all behiend.

RiannaComer RiannaComer
Aug 3, 2010