Stupid Immature Loser

My god, my dad is a loser. He thinks that just because he's stressed, he should spend twenty bucks a WEEK on lottery. That stupid loser knows my mom will always save his butt so in the worst of times, he doesn't worry. He goes to the tennis court and forgets about because apparently, he does EVERYTHING in the house. Wow, I had no idea that sleeping, ignoring your kids and leaving when convenient--for him-- is SO HARD.

That stupid thing complains that we should start a business. And he wants my mom to start it. And he wants my mom to manage it. And he wants her to keep her current job along with it. And he wants to retire.

Ughhhhhh, I just wish he'd die at work so we can collect worker's compensation and his life insurance.

We're selling our house and he's so damned picky about everything. He wants a house that was built in the 1990s. The expensive types. Why should WE listen to him? Because  last time I checked, the money HE "contributes" to us barely makes up 1/4 of our income. Then he demands 60 bucks biweekly "for his allowance". THEN he withdraws MORE money from the bank anyway!

This family isn't even his priority. If that stupid mother of his calls, he drops everything for her. EVERYTHING. For his brothers, stupid freakish controllling father and everyone else. Did you know, that when my mother was pregnant with ME, that he wanted to give our LAST 100 pesos (still in the Philippines at that time) to his BROTHER, who is under the care of my AMBASSADOR grandfather because he TOO is having a baby.

That stupid side of his family is disgraceful. They won't give US money when we asked. "If all you're going to do is ask for our money, don't write us." But when THEY need money, we're obligated to do it? Because THEY'RE part of OUR priority? Not part of OURS but part of my dad's! And my mom apparently thinks it wise to have him connected to the main bank.

You know, he ALMOST had a breakthrough. We went on vacation and his 5000 DOLLARS got soaked up by his parasite family in the first two weeks, not even. You know that family has a monthly pension of six times my uncle FROM MY MOTHERS SIDE. And they still want more money! All of them are professionals. Accountants, doctors and politics. Anyway, he finally realized that his family was nothing but a bunch of idiots but he still went back! He promised us that he'd divorce my mom back then and here we are, three years later, a "family".

"If you don't want to start a business, why did you get a business degree?" That's what he said to my mom. That loser. The type of business HE wants is the one where he can retire from his "stressful" life. He took up accounting for SEVEN years and he's not even an accountant! He didn't even FINISH his degree! I hate him. I HATE HIM!
sakura16 sakura16
13-15, F
Aug 3, 2010