He Cheated...

Ok, being the stupid, happy go lucky teenager I was, I never saw this coming. My family lives in South America, and ever since we've moved down here its been hell...both family wise and school wise. One day my mom came to me in tears and told me that my father had cheated on her. The reason? To get back at her. Turns out that he wasn't loving her enough. He greeted the dog before he greeted her, he chose to spend time with his stupid drunk friends than to spend time with us. I think he loved beer more than he loved her. So, she decided to go online and email some guy. I know I should be angry with her for starting the whole affair with the other guy, but I kind of understand her. So, my dad finds a virus. A special one to hack into her email so he could track all her stuff. He found out...and they both got in a huge fight.

After two weeks they couldn't be NEAR each other without screaming. At one point my dad hit my mom while I wached from the hallway.  I noticed my dad spending WAY more time texting, and later my mom came to me crying again. He hadn't set the lock on his phone, so my mom had looked through it. She found some text messages from another woman to my dad, and they screamed at each other again.

My dad had been out with that stupid South American bimbo several times, and had slept with her two times. Which is worse? Emailing a guy or going out with a girl and sleeping with her? He left the house for TWO WEEKS after that and rented an apartment away from me, my little sister, and my mom. Before he left though he started telling me all this crud like "You are the light of my world" and other things while I cried my eyes out.

He wasn't even there when I was BORN. How can I forgive him after this?

So after the two weeks he moves back in with my family. Me and my mom had private conversations before. She said that if she had the chance she'd leave him and let him rot. She said they're only staying together for my sister and I.

So...it's been about seven months since then and I feel even angrier with my dad. Sometimes I wish I could just grab all his things and kick him out. I feel really sorry for my mom, who has to put up with the drunk douche bag. Unfortunately, I can't do anything to help her.

Should I try to forgive my dad or not? I don't know anymore.
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I always suspected my father of cheating on my mother during my childhood so I know how you feel. He brought me to work when I was very little and tried to get me to call this coworker I suspect he was sleeping with around but I never had proof. I remember him beating the **** out of me when I mentioned her name one time but that was about it. My mom has since passed away from cancer and he starting sleeping around immediately after. I've just now learned that throughout my childhood my father had many girlfriends behind my mothers back. He even rented an apt in a town half an hour away and lived with one, he told her he was estranged from my mother and proposed to her... she even went as far as to buy a wedding dress. I feel like my whole childhood has been nothing but a lie.