My Real Dad?ha! A Real Joke!

in my 16 years living ive experienced ALOT! but that was cause of my step dad aka my actul dad cared for me !
my relly dad didnt do **** for me!
he was a drunken stoner drug addicate!!
he abused me and my mom and every girlfriend hes had!
when my mom told me the stories on how he abused her i was jaw droped shocked!
i couldnt belive soem of the stuff he did when hes was drunk or high or both!
and hes has the nerve to say (you should come live with me when your 18) !?

i DO NOT! see him alot the only time i relly see him is when iam at my grandmas house..and he lives at his moms house acroos the road(by the way hes like 50 and he still lives at his moms house!)
when i hear that whistel from acroos the street it makes my body shake in a bad way.
i have nightmares everytime i hear that whistel
ive probly seen him 3 times since i was 6 yearsold..
and when i was 6 he left me at a school play ground rideing around on my scotter..
he would take me to drug deals and get me doughnutss after if i didnt tell my mom

my mom told me when i was a baby that he was drunk and he wanted to hold me mom let him for some stupid *** reason..
when he went to take a drink of his beer he missed his mouth and porred beer all over my head and my clothes and my blanket..
and he YELLED at my mom saying it was her fault!
so he did crazy stuff to her and to me and thats why iam disgusted with him!
i have a great life AWAY from him and he wouldnt of given me a house on the lake and a house in the desert where i can ride motorcycles and build forts!
if i would have stayed with him i would be dead before i was 21!

my mom and my aunt call him (spe*m doner)
he was never a father to me he wasent anything close to a father
the only thing i can call him... is a child and women abuser
cuz thats alll he did to me and my mom

and for kids that are my age (16) or older..
dude dont be the kid thats a **** to pepole cuz your dad left you or he abused you or what ever, this is YOUR life man if he dosent wana be apart of it then **** him!
cuz you can be better then mom and my family tells me that iam only 16 and iam more of a man then he is already!
be the guy you wana be you dont need exuces like BULLSHIT!!!
there is no reason to be sad man!
hes just a dumbass for doing what ever he does and leaving you ..dont that him get you down cuz thats all he wants!
show his *** up and be more of a man that he wil ever be!!
iam and i turned out AWESOME!
I have lots of great friends.great family members...i live in a awesome place i go to an aweome school!
my life is great cuz i know iam a better person then my real dad...
and my DAD is my step dad chris whos been there for me since i was 2...hes treated me o well and hes given me everything ive wanted in my life and i apreciate that :)

((so tell me what you think of this pepole,,i just needed to write about my dad cuz i need to get it out somewhere))
michaelshea15 michaelshea15
Aug 8, 2010