Why I Hate My Dad

I'be tought so many times that it might be wrong to hate my dad.No matter what he did I still loved him.But now that I'm 15 years old I am begining to understand things.My hometown is Serbia but I live in Malta with my mother and father.My father is the only one working because my mom cant due to health problems which is the reason why I hate my dad.Every time my mom and dad get into a conflict my father keeps on repeating same thing ''I've been working 6 years here every day while you just sit at home and drink coffie!Go find a job instead of just sitting home!!!!'' that is what he would say every single time.Now its summer and days are extremely hot,he comes back home nervous almost every day because he is a construction worker.When ever I would say something that he doesn't like he would repeat the same story over and over again.He thinks that hes a good person just because he brings money into our house but he doesn't realise that even if there were 50 of us in our house everyone would think the same about him.He always thinks that he is right and never wants to say ''sorry you are right''.One evning my mom wanted to go out with her friend and at first my father said alright go,but few hours later he told her ''Only ****** go out at this time,go and you don't need to come back.Name me 1 merried woman that goes out at night.'' while he goes out almost every evning.And I just hate him because of that.
DjordjeSrbin DjordjeSrbin
Aug 9, 2010