I Hate My Dad

Kay well first of all, i love that i have a father to begin with but he dosnt act like a father to me. When i was younger we were like the best of friends. But now that im growing up its like he dosnt care if he hurts me.....(just to be clear, he dosnt abbuse me). I guess he dosnt like the fact that im growning up and that theres nothing that he can do about itangry

I also hate it when he treats my brother soooo much better than me, like he dosnt care if he grows up but when its me I CANT! i also hate it when he says we cant do something but when he dose it its like he never even said it ..... like my mom and i say, for him its always "DO WHAT I SAY, NOT WHAT I DO!!!" I cry every night because i dad always makes a BIG deal of everything he FREAKS out at my mom for so all i hear is them B*TCH allllllll FLIPING night. Sometime i just want to runaway from it all so i dont have to listen or deal with it anymore, and so made my dad might realize what he HAD when im gone!

Sometimes when hes not yelling at me or freaking out at me for the dimest reasons he askes me if i wanna go for a walk with him and our dogs but everytime im alone with him he always says rude things about my mom and i realy cant listen to it because my mom is the only one that is keeping me from runing away!

 i have lots more to say but i gotta go because my parents are fighting again frown
sarbearmills sarbearmills
13-15, F
Aug 12, 2010