Why Do You Hate Me?

Hey dad,

Where did things go wrong?

More accurately, what did I do wrong?

Why am I a burden?

Why is your anger, your rage, always directed toward me?

If I learned one thing from you dad it is to reciprocate what one is given. And since you hate me, I am learning to hate you.
CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
3 Responses Aug 13, 2010

Thanks for the comments...it's hard to deal with

i love your story cuz its so true. i feel the EXACT same way<br />
i really liked the end part cuz again, its soooooo true

it is not your falt cas am in da same boat as you he aways blames me it is your dad he is sick in da head like mine nuffin goes how the like it or if your not gd do wot he say's he takes it out on you cas he feels he can 1 day he going to push u aways he might not eva c him again cas wot he doing 2 you go n live ya life does not let him get 2 u cas he **** end of dad so is my sum peolpe get gd dads n sum peolpe get bad dads sum times u can get dads where just right in da middle dat wot my dad is like your 18-21 right dat means ur adult ya can by law do say wot u like *** n go as u plz + they are peolpe out there dat can help u