Why Do You Hate Mum So Much?

My dad flirts with waitresses in front of Mom and me. He borrowed $10 000 and more and refuses to return it to Mom. When Mom asks, he'll say that he doesn't have enough money but squanders them on useless stuff like expensive facial products behind our backs. When Mom and I ask him to stop spending and start saving, he simply shouts at us asking us to stop speaking garbage and continues to spend. He hates Mom to the core and claims that she's Satan just because she isn't a Catholic and refuses to be one. His "friends" all think that he is a good man because he's "nice" and "generous". Puh-lease, they didn't even see the ugly side of him. He's racist and despises non-Catholics, especially Muslims. He even wrote a letter to my school to ask them to fire all the Muslim teachers because he thinks they will harm me. He disapproves of me befriending non-Catholics. He's rude to my non-Catholic friends and forces me to befriend smart Catholic ones that I don't even like because they're mean and arrogant. He forces me to go to Catholic schools only. He thinks being "punctual" means being 1 hour earlier. Don't think I love you, Dad, because I hate you as much as you hate Mom.
TheCherryTree TheCherryTree
Aug 14, 2010