Emotional Trauma

I don't know where to begin since my story is so long. I guess it began when my parents divorced when i was 6. That wasn't so bad. They would fight but tried to maintain civility around me (which never really worked). I would see him every wednesday night for dinner and every other weekend. That was ok too. My father remarried when i was 9 to this horrible woman who went around saying she hated children and immediately got her tubes tied after they were wed. My father is such a jerk. He bought my mom's engagement ring back from her during the divorce (it was a family heirloom) and said he was buying it for me when i was older. Then i saw it on my stepmother's finger. I confronted him about it (which is a big thing for a 8/9 yr old) and he basically said I would get it when she's dead.

But that was all ok...i mean not great, but my father and i maintained a somewhat shaky relationship that was never close, but it was something amicable. My mother always tried to encourage our relationship knowing it was important (eventhough he was a complete jerk to her which i found out later)...this is getting way too long...sorry.

Short story, i guess, I found out my father had been hiding money that should have gone into child support and a educational trust for me. I had about $8,000 in it when there should have been close to $400,000 give or take with interest.
My mother had finally taken him to court for back child support (since he decided i was emancipated when i took a semester off college and he had been making millions of stock that he hadn't been counting into child support) and somehow the trust got entered into the mix (its complicated but it's child support related). So i had to make the decision to sue him. If i didn't the trust my mother was fighting for would have gone away (since i was the beneficiary)...god this is so complicated.

ANYWAY, our relationship suffered and he did everything hurtful. He was up to that point the father-hero every little kid has, or at least pretends to have. and he wasnt the person i thought he was and i was crushed. he never said he was sorry and regrets nothing. i couldnt have imagined how cold hearted he really was. and all for what? money! i would have thought that i was more important than that but no. I am his only daughter and now we don't talk at all. He tries to call me but he pretends like nothing has happened. I can't just pretend because he truely hurt me. I had to testify at my parent's SEVEN day trial. and after i was excused from the stand i ran directly into the bathroom and balled my eyes out. How dare he make me go through this. he has made my mother and i suffer so much. Here he is making millions off stock, has 2 BMWs, no debts, a maid, a wife that doesn't have to work and everything he could want and my mother and i struggle just to pay bills to live. It's so unfair. And even worse, the judical system is making it so diffacult because my father has hired the most expensive lawyer that gets paid $450/hr and has so far acrued over $100,000 + in fees. I just wish i could ask why, but there are no answers.
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lordy! that is absolutely terrible. i, too, would really like to know what makes people like this tick. i think the most painful part is the complete disintegration of the image you had of him before. and how he has no regard for you. it's completely selfish. as children, i believe we come into the world, thinking the best of it...and gradually all of our delusions are chipped away. it's hard not to lose a part of yourself and not become bitter. but it sounds like you're a very strong person. i also think that you did the right thing to go on the stand against him. i hope this helps, it helps me: life doesn't get easier as you get older, you just get stronger. good luck. hugs xxx