I Wish He Died Instead Of Them

my sister died when she was 18 my nephew died when he was 16, he killed a 13 year old girl while driving drunk at 4pm, he might have killed his 4th wife, he recently crashed into a mother of 4's car because he was drunk and almost killed her.

He abandoned me when I was born then screamed how I should have died instead of my sister the first time I met him.
I'm tired of trying to be nice
I wish he died instead of them
I don't care if it's awful to say
I hate him
manammana manammana
26-30, F
1 Response Nov 27, 2010

I understand what you mean I really cant stand my dad<br />
We think my mum killed herself because of him not leaving her alone and causing her depression<br />
He wouldnt leave her alone.<br />
Now I have to live back with him. Its a good job i've got my boyfriend with me and my dog because if i didnt have them then I think i'd be with my mum right now!!<br />
My dads an alcoholic too and always drink drives