No... not that... not again...

Date of event was: October 7, 2011

Prior to the day of my father physically hurting me, we loved each other. We would sleep with each other at my aunt's house, and he would buy me whatever I want. Then, he would also stop my oldest sister from emotionally hurting me. However, that is history. I really hate him. It is the my fate to stay with my mother and stay away from my father should he say a single word to me. Also, I cannot say even a single word to my father.

My father hurt me verbally and emotionally. He called me a spoiled brat, and that is totally inappropriate, offensive, derogatory, and off-limits for siblings, aunts, and parents to do. I thought of him as a total liar because he even said that my classmates would only laugh if I reported what he said to them. If I report to them what he said, they will really defend me. If he hurts me again, I will be at a dead end now.
If someone can give me tips on how to end this evil that my father started, I appreciate it. If not, them I am at my happy life's dead end now. This time, if he is going to talk to me, he'll do it over my dead body!!
Some final quotes:

- Kokoro, when she loses, Dead or Alive 4

"You're a joke."
- Jin Kazama, after he wins, Tekken 6

End note 1:
He left for the Philippines on October 12, 2011.

End note 2: Children who play video games that are not rated any of these ESRB ratings (Early Childhood, Everyone, Everyone 10+, or Teen) are spoiled brats, only if they are aged under 17.

End note 3:
Because of this situation, I have become extremely much like my favorite video game character Jin Kazama (from the Tekken fighting game series; he loved his mother Jun Kazama (she is like my mother, although I imagine my classmate Jessica French as Jun), yet despises his father Kazuya Mishima, who is a lot like my real father).
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2 Responses Oct 8, 2011

My father is, as of 10.13.2011, in the Philippines. I have been slowly forgetting about this horrible event that wasn't supposed to happen...

Sweetheart, listen to me. I was abused physically (sexually) by my step father. I regret now that I didn't go to the school counselor and report him. I could have used the help. The only reason I didn't go to the counselor at the time was because I was afraid of being separated from my youngest brother and baby sister. My mom KNEW what he was doing to me and decided to turn a blind eye. My only brother was killed in a car wreck Nov. 1989. My baby sister is pumping her veins full of what ever she can get her hands on. So, is this why I suffered in silence? I don't speak to my mom any more and have done so for 4 yrs nor my sister. They KNOW what he did to me, yet, they defended him, the ********* and called me crazy, this way the truth wouldn't come out, or so they thought. You need to get help. If you don't stop this now you will regret it down the road. If you wanna talk, send me a message. I will be glad to help.