My Dad Wants To **** Me....

I was raised by a single mother. My father was not often in the picture and he and my mom divorced when I was around two years old. My mother was his third wife and I was his fourth child. My sister, the one that I share both parents with, is who I grew up with. He impersonated Donald Duck to a tee...he bought us surprises,  he showed up for some birthdays here and there, and some dance recitals, but was never really around. He was like a dream that just looked familiar every once in a while. I loved him then, I wondered about him then.....about why he didn't come around, why he didn't love me, about why he never called. I used to wish that I could be held in his big strong arms and be safe and be warm and be daddy's little girl. Now I do not need to... I do not need to wish, I do not need to wonder, because I know exactly where he is, and exactly what he wants....and he wants to **** me. 

I moved to Florida all the way from Maine....I packed up my children, I packed up my dog, and I packed up my things, and I drove 30 long fight filled , crying filled hours across the country. I came down on an american dream of higher education. I graduated college with all A's, a member of Phi Theta Kappa, on the dean's list, with high honors, and a scholarship to get my bachelor's degree. All I wanted to do was go to school and do an internship for a company like Disney or the Buccs......all I wanted to do was get through school, get all A's and start a wonderful career so that I could support my family. 

Now I am stuck in a freaking nuthouse. I hadn't spoken to my "dad" in 15 years....he begins to talk to me through email, finds me on facebook, apologizes for being such a ****** dad.....suggests I move to Florida.....bigger opportunities, better schools, nicer weather. I figure....why not take a chance....why not chase a dream of a better lifestyle? So I take my life savings, I come down....not cheaply I might add.....and move into the room I was offered to rent at my ex-stepmothers' house. It is small....I share it with  my children and there is no privacy, the laundry room is through my room so everyone goes in and out as they please. My stepmom drinks everyday, does coke, pops pills, and yells and screams 24 hours a day. She calls her daughter....the one that is mentally disabled because she smoked meth the entire time she was pregnant.... a ******* **** licking retard that should go hang herself from a tree. She asks her if she wants her to go to the store and by her a gun so that she can kill herself. There are too many people living in this house and they are all crazy. My "dad" does not live here thank God, but he does live close by. He is at his worst when he drinks his whiskey. I can always tell that he has been drinking....because he texts me. He will text me "sit on my face" ......."I need you"......."I want you"....."I need you tonight" ...."I want you to ride on my ****"........" I want to **** you"........"I am in the shower right now, and I am thinking about you"...... "I want to taste you"......"come here now"......"I am coming to get you"........"I am on my way"......this is when I lock the doors and hide in the pitch black quiet....because he does come over....he does not take "no **** are my dad and you are scarring me for life"....for an answer. I hate my dad. 
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take thoose messages and your children to the police. one day he will go bullistic and hurt every one else who lives there or kidnap your children and hurt them if you do not give in. go flirt and tell you story to the guys who are already locked up and let them know how he looks, he'll have fun and sound funny next time you hear him walk. and you can tell him you did F#$% him.

what a loooooooser

Its 1 thing if u waht it from him ..... BUT when u don't and say NO WAY all the time he just keeps coming....... THEN U NEED TO CALL THE COPS ON HIM...... Don't take his **** turn him in before u or ur kids get hurt.........

Wow, what a whirlwind life you've had recently. Maybe it's time to pack up and move to a more normal place away from those people -- where's it's more affordable to live with your kids, yet still have a nice job.<br />
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Seriously, lots of great places across this wonderful country that would be nice home to a college educated mom and her kids. (Funny I say that because I've always wanted to move to Miami.)<br />
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Your dad is probably a toxic relationship that won't get much better while you're close to him. Sad to say because it's good to have grandparents around for the kids. (Free babysitting too.)