My Dad Like's My Brothers More Than Me

what can i say about my dad well,
he NEVER believes me & he hit's me with the belt alot & he likes my 3 brothers more than me,   my mom well she dosn't know cuz she is always at work & school and if i ever told her what happends wen shes gone my dad will get me back, ... i really wish i can tell her but i'm really afraid of my dad ... i know my mom loves me very much she shows alot of care & love 4 me...on the ether hand my dad cant don't know why?  ..  ... 1 day i was in my room listening 2 the radio & i left the window open & the screen of my window is broken thanks to my brothers but any ways  i left the window opend & my dad walked in side my room without knocking & at the same time my dad walked in 1 or 2 flies went in my room from the window i left open and my dad cant stand flies so he called me a pig & went 2 his room got the belt and started hit ing me with it & telling me why are you such a pig, & he said that if i don't kill the flies by the time he get's home from the 6 laps around the park he will hit me with the belt again by the time he got back i did kill the flies & my dad did not hit me THANK GOD, but i did not like   .... ...  . ........ another day i was on the computer my dad calld me in 2 my brothers room & told me 2 clean my brothers closet i told him thats not fair lucky me my mom was home that night and so she told my dad that thats not right it's not her job the boys have there responsibilities & she has hers, & so i got away that night but the nex day i knew that some thing bad was gonna happend and wen my mom left 4 work my dad called me and made me squat i told him why? and he said you know why cuz of what happend yester day what u think that you got away with it & i told him i did not do not do nothing wrong & he said grow up you did not listen 2 me wen i told you to clean your brothers closet & i told him but that was not my job & he said well u could of listen, i told him him wen can i stop squat ing he said wen i feel like it ..& he started 2 call me ****, after he let me go he told me 2 go 2 my room & think about what i did & so i did go to my room but i did not think about what i did cuz i did not do nothing wrong i clean the kitchen the living room i do laundry i cook i do lots of thing's & what he like's to do all day .. WATCH THE F*CKING NEWS oh & i have no friends not even one i lost my best friend she had 2 muve back 2 hawaii its been 3 years with out a friend and i i'm olmost 14 i want 2 have a normal life like other kids do but that's some thing i will never have i know it souds like i'm complaining but that's just what i feel i know no 1 cares.
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I am very sorry to read about your terrible situation. I hope you find a way out of it, and soon.

my advice, next time just straight up ask him why he's doing it. Try to make him think about what he's doing before he does it. make him see how wrong it is. If that doesn't work you need to tell someone.

Tell someone. A teacher. Your mom. A friend. A counselor. The police. Any authority figure besides your dad. Just tell them what he does and they will take care of it. I know it's bad now, but if you let it continue, it could get much worse. My dad would beat me and my mom all the time and terrorize us with threats and insults for hours. There wasn't one night that I didn't cry, and everytime I cried he beat me more, saying "I'll keep beating you until you stop crying". After dealing with this for 12 years of my life, (we escaped then) I've gotten to be so ****** up I have to see therapists everyday and I take four different pills to keep me from going back to the mental hospital. Trust me, you DO NOT want to let it continue. Get out now while you still can, or this could happen to you. I wouldn't wish it on anyone else. It's torture. Please, for you and your family's sake, get out of there. You are only one year younger than me, and by the time you get to be 14 like me, it could be too late. I hope you listen to me. I'm worried about you.

Hey, thats really awful that he does that to you. I can't really say that I've been in a spot like that, but my dads pretty jerkish too. he never listens or pays attention to me, he just pays attention to my brother. I acctually had an older sister and he gave her anything she wanted exept his attention, and she ended up getting into drugs and she died. On top of that my dad didn't get her a gravestone and its been 5 YEARS since she passed. so I know some of the anger and pain your going through, just remember keep your chin up, and I am here for you if you need to talk or anything.