It Is What You Make It..

Now yesterday I posted about being alone on Christmas Day but as I said it wasn't that bad.After all I have my dogs,health,live on a beautiful little island in Scotland in a cracking little cottage right on the beach with a wood burning stove (just to rub it in lol)..Point I am trying to make is "life is what you make of it" & yes that is easy to say & hard to put into practice but not impossible.
Rely on you to make you happy & along the way if you can help others then do so but not your detriment..
Right now I am listening to Radio 2 (UK) ,baking home made bread & then I am going to prepare a veggie curry..
I texted my soon to be ex wife yesterday & wished her all that she would for herself & also wished her love & happiness for 2012 & she responded kindly which was nice but I don't read anything into as I am looking forward not backwards & as the late great James Brown would say "Papa's got a brand new bag"....Peace & love to you all.XXX
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Sounds like you have a great outlook on life and a wonderful place you call home.

Ouch just burnt myself on the wood-burner...Yeah home baking just adds oommmphaa to a home lol.X