I Hate My Life

i am a 13 year old girl and when i was in 2nd grade everthing was fine, had a good life, then on my birthday my dad divorced my mom, made her move out. it was so sudden for me, i was unseperable from my mom.
then i had to go back and forth between my two parents. at this rate my marurity level was high now. i could immediatly tell my dad was only keeping us only to be mean to my mom. i knew he hated me, he got remarried to some **** i dont even know a month after the divorce, then he told me that her kids were my new sisters, i hated them, and the mans ***** always took thier side. my dad ruined my childhood.
from when i turned 8 i started to be more independant and mean. my dad was yelling at me for being mean to the step sisters and the mean step mother and he said literally he didnt care of the whole world was being mean to me.
he told me lies and was cruel, i went to bed every night crying because of him.
he humiliates me infront of everyone. he is never nice, if somthing bad happens like i got into a fight with a friend and started crying, he said "shut up, make up with her!" he yells ( the only reason he wants me to make up with her is because her dad is my dads friend. my dad says he is such a good person, but i belive that he is satin in discuise.
morganlund morganlund
Mar 1, 2012