My Dad Is So Annoying

I yelled at my dad once in the past month. It was for a stupid reason but i snapped and I acknowledge that it is my fault. What does he do? Call my school and ask to have a talk with the guidance counselor. Who does that?? Everybody saw and now I am being made fun of! I hate him so much he is the biggest douchebag ever!
chathamcougars chathamcougars
1 Response Mar 7, 2012

Yeah i know they can be sometimes so annoying, sometimes all they do is just sit beside you and start freaking shouting at you and will "Torment like a Trident" without an apparent reason. i dont even know why my dad is much more noisier than my mom lol XD. So annoying.<br />
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I was recording this morning and all i can hear is his voice shouting at me, He gotta shut up! because his voice completely blends in to my freaking record and it suppose to be my music class project, He wasted my time and completely destroyed it. <br />
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