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I Hate My Dad!!!!

i hate him!!! have never done a single action of dad!!!!!  since childhood till now....i dont even remeber a daa when you have made me proud!!!! ...
u never supported me...never provided any help in any thing......i grew up with my mother ...she has grown me with her blood!!!!!! and where were u???? still diein to **** that ***** MADHU!!! shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!! u should have died d day wen u mariied my MA....!!! U destroyed her whole life!!!!! and u r destroyig my future!!!......just because of you i feel like i should commit SUICIDE...but then i think of my MA ANS SIS....and then .......m just waiting for u to die....and then we can exile in our work and progress in a better way!!!!
sid22r1 sid22r1 18-21 Mar 29, 2012

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