That Day

We went to buy my bro a laptop. we came back on the way was tesco i said can we go he said im not listening to you and we went past Morrison and he said to my little bro im not going because hes there 'he' is me. i have such a sad life. he even slapped me for not getting out of the car straight away but that's cos i were nearly sick. he said you were shouting there when i werent it was my brother yelling and he even started crying for an 11 year old and said im going to give my house to your little bro. when my dad was getting me some cothes from JD he said that i feel sorry for your little brother i never got him anything i said they werent any his size. he dosent feel sorry for me when he gets my bro something but thats just my life and im sick of it reality for me i am such a sad kid but it is hard for people to see and find out i hate my dad

ak8TER ak8TER
18-21, M
Apr 7, 2012