I Dont Love My Dad.

My dad lost interest in both me and my younger sister after we started getting past the cute little child stage,he used to favorite her but now he doesnt seem to care about her eathier,the only time hes nice to her is when hes trying to get her to go against me.He openly admits that he doesnt like me and has tried to blackmail my mum into handing me over to social services.I probably sound like a heartless spoiled brat but i really have stopped loving him or even liking and caring about him for that matter.Hes ill and i have intermittent explosive disorder which makes me react very badly and dangerously to the sick (i dont know why,i just do) and he will use this to try and drive me out.Hes been like this since i was about 10-11 and im 15 now and my younger sister is 10.His family refuse to accept me because im "not one of them".He constantly threatens to hit me and ignores me if i try and sort things out or be nice to him.
What should I do?
(sorry about my grammar,was in a hurry to write this)
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Im sorry , a child shouldnt have to put up with that from her dad, I have a 15 year old daughter and I know that sometimes I expect way too much out of her because of our devorce and have made her grown up too fast<br />
I have said mean things against her mother who is actually very sweet mostly and have done my best to turn her agaisnt her mom, taking her on her moms weekends and holidays . I hope you can work it out with him , Im starting to realize reading these posts what an ******* I am

I know exactly where you are coming from. Both of my parents mentally abused me since I can remember. Playing my sister against me, and even making us physically fight so they can watch. I moved out of my house at 17, never to go back. Feeling guilty, I kept in touch with my family still. But even after getting married, 4 years of college, and a better job than anyone in my family will EVER have, I was still the outcast, and they put me down every chance that they could. Stating that I would never amount to anything. I am now in my late 40's, my mother has passed (I was sad at first, but sadly, I am at peace not having someone put me down everyday). I am semi-retired, my house is completely paid for, I own a new car, have a great family, ect. However, my father is still putting me down (perhaps it is to try to make his pathetic self look bad), and still playing my sister against me. Unfortunately my sister allowed them to mold her into a nobody that has never had a job, and is headed for a MAJOR downfall in the next few years, she is just too blind to see it! Anyway, try to stay away from him, and as soon as your of age, or able, get away from them! It is sad that a parent can be JEALOUS of their own children, but unfortunately, it happens.

That's scary - yes I would try to seek out even more help - I'm so glad you're on this forum. Is there anyone on your mom's side who can listen to you? Any adults in school? a counseller perhaps? I think you're completely right - there's something wrong with him - it's his issue and unfortunately he's poured it over to you. I'm so sorry - please get help and talk this out to any responsible adult. More support is better than none, you may have to get away and move in with an aunt perhaps. I'm so sorry that you have to deal with that.

keep away from him. he's a really bad guy if he is treating you guys this way. and if he is doing this it's pathetic because an adult should have anything better to do than abuse his daughters and play mind games with children like a tool. <br />
<br />
you don't sound like a spoiled brat at all. you sound like someone who's being mistreated and cheated.<br />
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you probably don't have intermittent explosive disorder. in these abusive situations people get labeled as mentally ill. but if you are putting up with this you have a reason to be angry. <br />
<br />
you may not be of an adult age but you still have rights. you don't have to put up with this. call a family law attorney. ask if they can help you to stop his custody rights. tell them that he threatens you and your sister and i assume hits you, that he's mentally ill and has an anger problem.