My father and I had a good relationship growing up. I was his little girl, but once I hit the teenage years, he struggled to raise me. I'll admit I'm not the best daughter but it's our relationship has become so harsh, it's resulted in fight after fight. We hardly communicate anymore and recently ive been trying to be more communicative but I'm sort of an introvert, I'm very shy and quiet and he just assumes I'm mental and need help when really I just enjoy being alone and quiet. He always picks on me and asks what my problem is in such an angry tone that it makes me resent him. I don't hate him, but I just wish he would understand me instead of judging and making a bunch of assumptions of me being a bad daughter. He wanted to kick me out on his birthday, he's verbally abusive saying he wants to kill me, and he's destroyed my room -- broke my mirror when I'm not there. I forgive him for everything he's done to me, it's just hard to even look at him in the eye.
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Your dad will regret his actions one day. It sounds like your Dad has no self control and is throwing tantrums. I like you was very insecure as a teenager. My Dad's abusive made my insecurity worse. I am now in my 40's and with the help of my loving wife I have overcome my insecurities. However the scars are still there. <br />
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Now my Dad needs me and I have no desire to help. He had a stroke and is an invalid. He has apologized repetitively for his actions since my late 20's. He is ashamed of his actions. But it is too late. I have no need for him. You only get one chance with your kids and he blew it. When I needed him he was not there but was more concerned about his own selfish needs instead of being a parent. This will happen to you.