My Privacy...

So my dad can be nice or go on a rampage. As some may know I try to be a good daughter I do homework, get good grades, I don't drink but or course my room can get messy from time to time...however I always clean it. Lately I've been pretty sick battling this cold and so I really didn't want to clean my room as I was almost passing out. Well on a nice sunday like today (5/6) my mom thought it would be fun to go to a craft fair so I say why not get some fresh air maybe I'll feel better and I tell my dad let's get ready. So my family is waiting for my dad cause he can't find a hat. But instead of looking for a hat he's cleaning everything else he can find. So i say why don't you just comb your hair (He's basically bald anyways). Of course he just freaks out yells and my mother and I says he's not going and undresses. So my mother and I go have fun blah blah blah. When we get back my room is "CLEAN" aka half my things are in the trash as usual, my important papers gone and I can't find anything, plus my clothes are washing which may not seem bad, but when he does it they end up different colors, shrunk, or just plain missing. so as always I get angry and sad, throw some stuff on the floor and start my homework cause I have to do it. So 30min later(after digging through trash to collect my items) I need to use the restroom and as I'm walking towards him he asks me where my sheets are so I ignore him. He then walks right into my room looks at the stuff and freaks out (which I get is slightly understandable but this is not a normal freakout) he tries to take my computer away but I need it for school so he threatens to take disconnect the tv on wednesday. I just feel like leaving the house to give him a scare. He drives me nuts and I just want to me.
dadhater11 dadhater11
May 6, 2012