My Life :(

My life was amazing when i use to live in Toronto. In 2009 me and my family moved to Oakville to open a restaurant called Montfort. It costed about 750 thousand dollars approximately. My life started going downhill ever since my dad met a women. Where we use to live in oakville , my dad had problems paying bills for the mortgage's and worked days and night. I saw him every weekends from 10 am to 5pm then left to his girlfriends house. At that time i was happy that he was happy and smiling when ever he was around her , but when he comes home he starts to frown because he doesn't love my mom. he was planning on the divorce for quite a while and still manage to keep it a secret from my sister and my mom. In 2011 my dad finally decided to divorce my mom just like that. He basically threw her out from his life by a blink of a second and moved to Niagara falls with me and his girlfriend. At that time i was very happy that we moved because i was happy and my dad was happy . In October before my birthday my dad bought a Jacuzzi and a Porsche to make life funner and exciting. Couple weeks later my dad lost his job and started going downhill again, he couldn't pay the bills and couldn't support me. So my dad put the mortgage's on her name so she can pay the bills and support us.Every 2 weeks his girlfriend gets a check and pays half of her check on gas and the rest on food. January 15th is what i call the "Big Depression" i wanted to commit suicide over the falls to feel happy in my next life . I felt so sad that i hated everyone. I started breaking my valuable stuff so i can release the anger that i kept for such long time but still had more coming. My dad stopped talking to me or make an effort to keep up with a conversation, always had one word answers which i hate the most . He doesn't communicate with his girlfriend , he is very anti-social comparing to his previous years . I feel like he has a psychological problem. All he does is download movies and watch them to make time go faster but what i hate the most out of all is dinner time. Dinner time suppose to be time for thoughts, communicating to each other , be thankful of everything but instead he watches TV and doesn't talk. Me and my dad use to be Bestfriends. We played Xbox together , go out every weekend to Canadian Tire , Home Depot , fix his car , customize his car. I remember the times in Toronto when i use to play with his belly , roll him over , jump on him , and most importantly talk to him for hours. Ever since he met his illogical girlfriend that doesn't know how to make the right decision affected me in the future. He doesn't think of my sister he doesn't call her even though he tells me that he calls her EVERY SINGLE DAY which i think it's completely bull. Coming back from Toronto his girlfriend tells me bad news. She tells me she is moving out with my dad out of Canada and not taking me with. I asked my dad " why are you doing this to me, why are you ruining my life with your decisions". He never answered me back and still wont give me a good explanation other then "I can't find work in Canada, so i'm going to find work outside this country". I sometimes regret the day i moved with my dad because i miss my Brother/bestfriend that i know for 10 years now and my sister especially. I hate my dads girlfriend because she is one heck of a stupid women. she thinks she knows everything when she can't even speak proper English. DAMN Russians. When i heard about them moving out , i felt like slapping his girlfriend 6 times in the face to show her that she has ruined my life and my dads life . I don't have a psychological problem , or any kind of disorders. I'm just a normal 17 year old teen that Hates life.
I got one sentence to say. GO **** yourself TANIA and i will always love you dad even if you have hurt me to the point of a suicide attempt.
francois759 francois759
18-21, M
May 6, 2012