He Promised

When i turned 18, i was determined to buy my own house, not because living with my parents was bad or anything. They were very understanding and good to live with but i needed for myself to buy my own property. I searched and searched until i finally found a fixer upper for 5000.00 dollars i fell in love with the little house but knew that it would have to be extended, i talked it over with my dad and he agreed to build on if i bought it. I did just that, i spent the next couple months scrounging up money to buy the house till i finally did it:) I had never been so happy. I lived in the house for the winter with no heat, raging electrical bills, no washer and dryer , half fixed dishwasher, no shower. Needless to say it was a hard hard winter, I moved in with my parents so that my dad could start renovating and adding on. This process was supposed to take from Feb - September 2011. Unfortunately it is may 8th 2012 and he hasn't done anything but tear it apart. Now hes kicking me out back into my house after a year and a half of waiting. He took my house from me and destroyed it,promised me cool ideas and never followed through. I hate him somo much:(
houseowner20 houseowner20
May 9, 2012