98% Buisness Man, 2% Father

since my dad got this new job as a general manneger at this bank he started taking care of his job more than us, he goes to his work at 8 am and comes back home at7 pm and he doesnt have one second for us even at sundays he goes to his office and he doesnt even answer our calls i just wish he could chang ;(
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

i know how you feel. my dad told me that we shouldn't treat him as our dad anymore but as our boss for the sake of our company. every single thing that comes out of his mouth is business business business. All we talk about are company problems. He never asks us about our day or how we've been.

well that was long time ago, but one day he took me with him to work, man that was hell of day, when i came back home i was exausted and i just watched, but he was typing and talking and calling and having meetings , so now i know how he feels

Well I know how my dad feels as well since I'm working in the company. I have a lot on my plate as well since he made me in charge of our business. It's just that I wished he would talk to us more on a personal level. Sometimes it just feels like I've lost my dad. When I experienced major problems I had no one to turn to cause I felt like he doesn't care.

Aw :( I wish he would have more time for you! Have you ever considered asking him if family mattered anymore? You should tell him that he should take a break once in a while and spend family time with you. Because, family time is more important than any other time. Except, for when you're being attacked by like, a dinosaur. That would not be a good time for you to spend time with our family. Anyways, ask him hun, maybe he will warm up to you, no matter what a good family will always love you.

well i tried once but he got really angry i dont know why