My Father Is An *******

He's never gone to any of mine or my sibling's games, events, recitals etc. He puts all the work on my mom. 

When his friends ask for help he runs to help them but when my mother or my brother or I need help, he puts it off until we remind him and bother him a thousand times. Then, if we're lucky, he'll do what we asked, but not without complaining about how hard he works or how tired he is. 

He doesn't appreciate anything my mom does. 

Today might very be the last straw. We found out that He took 150,000 dollars out of the equity of our house (Idk what this really means) and let a friend borrow it. It's been more than a year so we doubt that we will be able to demand the money back. 

I hate him. I wish he was dead. Sometimes I think about killing him, but actually. My family and I would be better off without him. 
lukiom lukiom
May 11, 2012