She Doesn't Understand Why I Hate Him So Much.

I live with my grandmother. My dad's mom. A few months ago I ran away from home and it didn't really have anything to do with him, it just had more to do with the stresses of life I couldn't handle, and he wasn't making them better. Around November of last year my dad was helping out a friend and her kids and let them stay with us. Things were fine at first until he started being really mean to me. I cleaned the house everyday, and I cooked dinner for everyone. There was the rare occasion when I didn't. My little sister never did anything, and I was still the one getting yelled at. My sister and I started fighting a lot because I was always on her case about getting things done. My dad let me go to one of my first parties and told me I just couldn't drink. Okay. Fair enough. A few hours into the party he stars calling and texting and he was freaking out on me and my other sister, telling us he was coming to get us and all sorts of ****. We did nothing wrong. He asked for the address so we gave it to him and  he said he was coming to get us. He never came. Okay so the next day we came home but went next door to our brothers to let things settle at the other house. When we went back he took me to his room and started yelling at me. Everything seemed to be okay after that. My sister and I continued to fight and a few days after the party incident I told her she wasn't allowed to talk to me and I guess that made her cry. My dad yelled at me and hit me. He was always yelling at me all of the time. Everything that I did pissed him off and he treated me like ****. The point of this all is that my grandma is my legal guardian and she has to go into surgery/recovery for a month. She tells me that I am going to be staying with him during this month. I told her no I'm not and she says she doesn't understand why I think it will be so bad. I don't see how she doesn't. He has no job, she pays his bills and everything in betweed, He is a loser in life, He is in and out of jail, He doesn't do **** for anybody. She's letting him get away with everything. Why? How does she not get it.
HempHobo HempHobo
18-21, F
May 12, 2012