Love Him, But....

Ok this story is clearly not as bad compared to some of these other stories. I really shouldn't be complaining. But I will anyway.

My dad always had a low tolerance for things. Mostly my mom and I. And this is sad because I'm writing this on mother's day. Before I got into sports and such, my dad was a really funny guy. He still is today, but not as much. This year was my 8th year for playing softball and I had just got interested in pitching last year. I was a pretty descent pitcher, 40 mph and most of the time over the strike zone. Since I was enjoying softball more, so was my dad. A lot more.
So, here's where te problem comes in. My dad, on average makes me practice 2-3 days per week for a half an hour. Which I sometimes don't mind. But now it's got a little out of control. Now I'm doing an hour for 3-4 days per week. I hate it when I have to do softball 2 or more days in a row. I don't get a break. I have two tests coming up and I can't even study for them. And when I tell him I don't want to do practice today, he yells at me if I want to continue softball or not. Maybe he's right, but I don't know. Sometimes he makes me play on special days like my birthday, vacations (even when we're at the beach), and including today-mother's day.
Remember I mentioned he has a low tolerance level?
Yes,'s really low. The second game we played we lost which is very disappointing because we were champions 3 years in a row and hadn't lost one it those years. So, I was pretty upset, and by accident I kicked the door-HARD and my dad screamed, "MADDY, QUIT BEING A DAMN BABY AND MOVE ON! YOU'RE SUCH A BRAT!" I didn't talk to him for 2 days. My mom was trying to get us to talk, but neither of us would. My mom told me I should apoligize, but I said I shouldn't be the one saying sorry. We never actually did say sorry to one another, but we talk now. I still won't apoligize to him.
I remember last summer, my extended family and I went to the beach. My younger cousin has issues and can get pretty angry sometimes. But he can't help it. So, my 3 cousins, my aunt, my parents and I went to go out for some ice cream. I forgot why my younger cousin was so mad, but he started to groan and cry. My dad got so mad, he made everyone (meaning my family) go home and throw out our ice creams. It was embarrassing because there were other people around.
Also, maybe in January, I was at my pitching lessons with my instructor and my dad. My instructor was catching and my dad was calling strikes and balls next to her. I threw 3 balls in a row. My dad screamed at me in front of everyone at the sports place and they all looked at me, as if I was a mangled creature. When my dad was frutrated, he left to sit on the bench outside. My instructor asked me if he did that all the time. I told her yeah and she told me all dad's were like that. I laughed on the outside and I thought in my head, "Not like my dad."
That was my story. Thank you for reading it. I have many other examples with him, but there are too many to say. I'll leave it here. Thank you
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I have two daughters that played softball, one was a pitcher. I saw plenty of dads like yours who tried to live vicariously through their daughters. I wish I had some magic words for you to give him, but I don't. If I could talk to him, I would say to stop pushing it, let her enjoy the game while she can. Many talented girls like you quit playing as soon as they get out of high school because they're sick of the pressure put on them by these nutty parents. Anyway, you've got to want it for yourself, not anyone else. Practice is important, but so is taking a break from it sometimes. Tell him to please lighten up a little. If you're happy, you'll play better. Being tense can affect your performance more than missing a few practices.