I Hate My Dad

I hate him soooo much, im not even sure I love him anymore, our relationship is basicly about books and films, do you know the sad part that's only a few times a year the rest is were he tells me to do something like just then he said "turn the tv off and revise" so i said I've finished revising for today, and it repeats and repeats he slowly starts to get angrier than he already is and he grabs the note pad and the 20 exam papers I have printed of for 20 days and he hits me over the head, I can't say anything because I know he'll hit me again, most times he uses he fist and my head, even though he knows I have something wrong with it, the sadest thing is that that happened nearly every day, when he drunk though he is nice and lovely but he is nasty more times than he is nice. I think he blames me for ruining his life because he was 15 when i was born. I am scared in case one day he will get carried away and beets me more than normal. The friends that I have told have said go to child line but i don't wont to get time trouble because he is my dad, but i want him to pay for hurting me all the time, please help, I only have a year and half till I go to unit (scholarship) and them im away from him.
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My advice is to lay low for the year and a half until you go to school. Try not to make him too angry (as hard as that may be for you) and listen to his demands until you don't have to anymore. <br />
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While you're in school work really extra hard to land a good job afterwards so that you won't have to live at home with him. Do well in all the classes you take, and try to join some extra-curricular clubs that may interest you. Also, take advantage of any career services your university may have to help with writing resumes and other skills needed to land a good job after your studies.<br />
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Most schools have a mental health and guidance center so try and go there and see if you can talk to someone about your issues. It really helps to just talk to someone sometimes so you aren't stuck in your own head with just your thoughts to keep you company.

I have really bad spelling on this because eof spell check, what should I do, he always let's my sister the golden girl do what she wants and i'm just literally a slave