A Big Revinge

This is my story. My father is a bastard hurt my family in the worst way possible.
Just married my father is doing well with my mother when pregnant he began to change: he worked in a hotel and earn a lot, then you are fired without cause and decided to do the street sweeper, he came home and beat my mother for no reason.
When my sister was born he started stealing my mom and spend the money on slot machines.
One day my father tried to **** my sister but she managed to escape. came home my mother asked for an explanation and my father beat her.
I was born things got worse. My father has illegally downloaded videos of child ***********, the police came home and he has made ​​out the internet to my mother, my mother was in danger of being jailed.
I asked him where was my mother and he closed the closet for an hour, I was 6 years.
Finally my mother has been released.
She gets her courage and asked divorsio.
In court he has been disrespectful to the court and gave a face to punch my mother breaking the cornea of the eye in front of everyone.
From that day we packed up and can not see me or have contact with me.
I will kill him one day I will get my revenge. I CAN NOT WAIT.

ALESSIO VICO this is my name.

painalex17 painalex17
May 17, 2012