Well, You've Done It: I Hate You Now

So growing up our father was never really around. Because of his work we often lived in countries at war. When we finally got together in a "real family setting" I discovered that he was not a warm person. All he does is "duty". I used to think, oh it's because he's working hard to feed his family.
My mother told me all of the things that truly happened now that I'm grown and I can honestly say: Dad, I hate you.

He actually didn't want us to come live with him too soon. He became a jerk to my mom. Insulting her, belittling her for something HE helped happen. He said she has no ambition because she is just a housewife.
JUST a housewife? This ******* can't even remember his own children's birthday (my sister's). Do you know how terrible that is to a child- the person who brought you here not remembering?
Any who, he also hates my mom's family. He thinks they are rude---I LOVE them. He said to her that he wishes we never grow up like her (I look a lot like her). He's always been so cold to me and I thought it was just out of his character but I've recently realized it's actually because he doesn't give a **** about us. Ask him what my hobbies are- couldn't come up with one.
When I see him smiling and pretending everything is okay to the rest of the world (he doesn't know my mother told me. It's our secret. She can't turn to ANYONE). How fake can you get? You know what as horrible as it sounds--I just see him as a bag of money who drops on people to remind them they owe him something. It's all he cares about and it's all he is able to give. He'll never write a letter or a meaningful gift- just jewelry and money. He doesn't understand that our mother practically raised us alone yet he prances around like he played a HUGE role in our mental development.
My mother was an excellent college student, she could have become something in the career world but she gave it up for a family and now he acts like he's god. She's very good at managing money- we might even be richer than we are now.

Watching him makes me realize how money rots people. If I ever marry a man he will be family oriented: it's ok if we live in a small house and can't afford ipads and gucci bags.
Did I mention that he was NOT there for my birth (no desire at all), he was also not there for my graduation. I wanted to smack him: How dare you lecture me on the importance of working and not even come to my graduation. My friend's father came all the way from FRANCE and they are dirt poor.
Now he wants to come to my graduation and I almost don't want him to come. He's secretly disappointed I'm not a businesswoman anyways.
He told my mom he hopes they leave each other when he retires. I didn't know he was so cruel to my mother. I knew he was a jerk to other people but it's infested our house.
My mom says she will stab him if he hits her. I think she could. She even had a cerebral attack and instead of being supportive he was an *******. He randomly asked her to stop calling in 2009. I never cry but that kind of cruelty makes me want to crush his face every time I see him.
Oh boy, to think I HOPED to find a man like him when I grew up....Rewind!
Thepinkcoconut Thepinkcoconut
18-21, F
May 19, 2012