I Hate My Dad

my dad is stupid retarded and no one likes him besides he stupid girlfriend i mean sex mate. recently i have found condoms **** what i think weed and lubricate in his room. my dads web history is nothing but **** websites. i hate him very much.
                           today i was gone get a new phone i saved up 200 hundred dollars and he wouldn't let me get it. after i work my *** of for 200 hundred dollars. its that i just wanted the phone i needed it because my phone has a cracked screen , wont send or receive pictures, memory is full and dont have anything on my phone, and the touch screen is worn out. 
                 i want him to die.us
mydadisstupid mydadisstupid
1 Response May 19, 2012

Do you hate him cause he didn't buy you a phone? Seems like it.