Im Sick Of My Dad

My dad treats me like I'm ****.he treats his other children like princes and princess like they can do no wrong, but as soon I make one mistake he's ready to be in my face. A hour ago he called my house and told me to come outside and bring him something so he can take to my cousin house, I didn't get out there fast enough for him and he starting yelling at me telling me how he can't stand me, it's been going on for years. Last year he told my mom that he can see that I'm not gonna end up being anything.He doesn't realize how these words hurt me. I keep telling my mom how I hate him but she keeps telling me that's he's my father and I need to love him.All he is to me is a ***** donor. To make matters worst he's sleeping with mom even though their divorced and he's married. I sick of him, sometimes I wish he would die. And my mom needs to realize how all of this is affecting me.
Toto4999 Toto4999
13-15, F
May 20, 2012