I Hate Him With A Passion

I hate my dad with a raging passion. He's a control freak, verbally abusive, and puts me down even when Im on AB honor role. I'm 15, and have a laptop, and 2 itouches I paid for myself WITH MY OWN MONEY and he decides he thinks he can control me by taking them away at his will, and giving me a set of "rules" to follow like:
-no electronics outta the house
-no wifi or Internet
-everything comes down at 10pm
-bad attitude (me defending myself from HIS NASTY PERSONALITY) it get taken away for a long time
-time limit of 1hr and a half a day on it

Because he thinks I abuse the Internet? When he clearly has himself addicted to ****!?
I found out my father did **** when I was in 6th grade. I saw something on his screen that will haunt me even at my grave. He lies and abuses my mother, drinks and thinks its healthy for him, and everyone I try talking to him he starts up a verbal fight with me. Everytime I try to back myself up he screams in my face to shut up. I tried turning toy mom for help and Everytime I try talking about him to her se thinks I'm being stupid and refuses to believe ANYTHING I saw about "him". I had to show her evidence of my fathers little party of **** on his computer I et her to realize he's not everything she expected. But she still refuses to take my side. Everyday when I see his retched face I want to beat him with. Metal bat till he sees me as someone who will refuse to back down to his very will.. But there are other ways to solve that problem.. I Just don't know how...
My brother is 18 and my dad physically and verbally abuses him and is set off At the smallest things my brother does. He treats me better than my brother and I hate to see him get abused. Luckily he just ignores it and doesn't let it get to him. Am I the only sane person it house? I'm alone.. I have no one to talk to about my problems and my friends don't even take me seriously...
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1 Response May 20, 2012

u have to persuade ur mother nad brother to leave him..only way out.