"that Girl Needs An Attitude Adjustment"? Who Says That?...oh Ya My Father

First a little back story. I have a father who makes a lot of money and pays for all my stuff not too bad right? However ever since we moved he has been gone on business more than he is home and it is like he expects me to have not grown while he was away. I tried to stay young for him staying childish as long as possible. Then last summer he had a period of time where he was always iritable and wouldn't talk to us or if he did it would be gruff and mean especially to my mom. I grew up that summer I am 16 and I act it now and I don't think he knows what to do. I am even a mellow teenager my mother even thinks so but as the oldest he doesn't realize that I am going to be so much easier than my sister. My hair takes 3 minutes tops in the morning, I don't shave my legs, I wear volleyball t-shirts almost exclusively, I have the attitude that everything will work itself out if you just give it time, and I hate shopping. Please tell me if I am not a mellow 16 year old girl. I have not been on a date (mostly because no one has asked me). He seems to think I am still 13. He is horrified that I wanted a bikini and actually bought a mini skirt (and now own 2). Now this is my one BIG complaint if I am one room away who says "that girl needs an attitude adjustment"? Who says that? I mean WTF I can hear you. You want me to have an attitude adjustment ok why don't I go get hammered and laid every weekend huh? That is an attitude adjustment. I have never snuck out, I don't break rules, you want me to change my attitude to that too? Because I can I am pretty smart too, I am sure I would make a great criminal because only the smart ones don't get caught. What do you want from me? I get straight A's, I do your every bidding because you are too lazy to get off your fat ***. I am dedicated to a sport I love. I am not a bad kid. What the hell more do you want from me. I can't be perfect. Ya sure there was one perfect an on earth at one point but we decided to nail him to a cross and kill him (that is if you believe in God). I honestly don't want to be perfect so quit focusing on only the things I can't do or didn't do well. I am going to screw up aren't you supposed to be there to pick me up when I fall not kick me under the bus even further. Well here is my attitude adjustment - I will not let you ruin my life. I hope you are happy Dad.
vbchick vbchick
18-21, F
May 21, 2012