Demon Dad

My dad was in the navy he developed anger ishus.I currently live under the stairs like Harry potter. My dad threatens to beat me and hit me multiple times he acually has before.I fell worless he loves my sister but hates me I am the youngest of 4 girls 2 ar my half sisters. he has thrown knives and sisors at my have sister and liked her out of the house. Around other people he's nice but at home he's a demon. My mom puts up with it because his income supports us I try to get along with him but he just yells.I love wrighting I have lots of story's of him and me
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2 Responses Jun 10, 2012

tough situation there am not even sure what to say...if u report him, you will lose his finacial support and if you don't nothing will change...try getting your mom to talk to him about it, good luck and i hope things get better for u soon.

I feel for you so much, because my dad is the same way. He is so nice to everyone else, but he absolutely hates me ( and feels that HIS hate is justified.) He has been both physically and verbally abusive towards me and my mom, and I hate him for that. But he supports us with his income, so I'm stuck with him. I also write stories, and I encourage you to continue doing so because you will find that it is a liberating escape. When you are writing he can't control that, it's something that is purely you, where you can express your struggles and feelings, and he can't do anything to stop that.