My Personal Ghost Dad

Well, I don't even know if I can hate a man that i have never met  before. LOL can you even call a person who doesn't take care of his child a man is a question of mine that cannot be answered.  I have talked to him once, but it was not of my free will to do so.  I have recently graduated from high school and i wanted "Richard" to be there to see his young daughter graduate as a young woman, a transition he had no part of.  Instead of asking him I asked my ex-stepfather to come.  he and my mom got a divorce i would say at least 5 years ago. Me and my stepdad were close, but as soon as they got seperated I was no longer apart of his life it was like he never helped raise me when i was growing up and to have a father figure one day and then not one is very hard.  Bringing your mom to father-daughter dances were hard or explaining to people that my brother is in texas with HIS dad is embarrasing to me.  The jealousy kicks in when "Robert calls and I answer and he just simply asks for my brother and has hour long conversations with him.  I'm sorry this is probably really long, so that's all I had to say for now.

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wow. our stories sound very similar. i know it's very difficult having father figures come and go in your life. i am sorry you have had to deal with that pain; nobody deserves to go through that. just know that all you have been through has made you a better person; it may not feel that way, but it has. you can see people and the world in a different way than some of the other ignorant people in this world.