The Most Annoying Person I Have Ever Met.

My dad is 56 years old... and on of the most annoying people i have ever met. He talks crap about his girlfriend, her kids, my brother and even me. What is this the second grade. why is that needed?

He is very over weight and sits at our kitchen table 24 hours a day and seven days a week. He will call me from my bedroom to get him a cup of juice, or pass him something that is literally not even 2 feet away from him. What is the point.. he could lose a pound just getting up to get that cup of juice.

I just had a baby almost a month ago. My son was born 2 months premature. I can get Social Security for my son to help pay his hospital bills and buy all the things we still have not gotten for him. My dad is an abuser of the system. Me, I personally would never get any help from the state but my son needs things and his hospital bills will be outrageous so the social security will help. My dad first thought my son had his last name and put him on his food stamps to have more money. not to help buy us food so he could get himself snacks and things. And then had the nerve to say when you get that money for Gavin you can help me pay my bills, he was not being sarcastic, he was completely serious and it made me very upset. That money would be for my son and no one else.

My brother wants to go into the air force. my dad has been plotting behind his back of ways to keep him from going... if my brother wants to go into the air force then that is his decision no one else can make that for him. He is a big boy now and is a lot braver than my dad, he wants to fight for his country and I am very proud of him for that, and I don't under stand why my dad can't be proud too.

Me and my boyfriend are planning to move into his parents house because the problem with my dad is a lot more than I have explained. We will have more support, a safer home, and a lot less stress on us as parents and as a couple. My dad will probably yell and scream when we leave because he is a control freak and is losing control. I honestly have never hated anyone but I really truly hate him. He is so rude and I cannot wait until he sees how horrible of a person he is.

I could not fully portray how my dad is, if i could record him for a day and post it on this site I think everyone would feel the same way I do!
gavinwyattmomma gavinwyattmomma
18-21, F
Jul 20, 2012