Never Have Hated Anyone Like I Hate You...

Hate Is A Strong Word but It Applies! I have Never hated anyone except for my dad!! I Am A Really Kind Caring Person But He Is An Exceptional Case...He Is Sooo Abusive And Controlling Sometimes I Wish He Would Get Hit By A Car, Turn Into A Human In Vegetative State, or That He Would Simply Fall Off The Face Of This Earth...Yup That's About It
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1 Response Jul 21, 2012

Sounds like you and your dad are at odds. I tell you ; hate is a strong subject. It is so easy to hate someone. Thats the is too easy. I suppose if your dad has beat you, or sexually assaulted, you have a d*** good reason to hate him. And I would like nothing better than to be the guy to run him over with my big dodge truck....but if thats not the case...then dont let this thing between you and your dad keep burning.We all get mad as h** .....thats never going to change....but if we can learn how to get mad, and get over it , and move on...I think we will have a better quality of life........oh the can always sneak into the kitchen and eat all the icecream so there is none for him....i mean; if it would make you feel better........God bless, and i really home there is no major abuse involved here....Brian

Thanks A lot I Appreciate Your Wisdom..My Dad Is Very Abusive And Controlling And My Whole Child Hood I Have Grown Up Watching Him Beat My Mom And Etc.. People Always Tell me To Forgive And Move On But It Is Hard To Forgive Someone Who Repeats What They Do And Feel No guilt...I am Glad That i Am Graduating This Year It Will Allow Me To Have A Fresh start And Try to Move on