Ever Since I Was Small...

He's been like it ever since I remember. My dad always bullied and pushed our family (and I mean most of our family even grandparents :/ ) around. My nanan always told me that he was never like that and he was a very loving man, and from pictures I saw that like seeing my baby pictures and the way he looked at me, it was like he was a whole different person to the time bomb he is now, the thing is he was a body builder and he let it slip so he got fat and he started taking steroids trying to make himself like he was when he was 17, but things got worse he started hitting my mom and he kicked her once so bad she had to go to hospital and don't forget the numerous times he's thrown something at her :( then when they aren't fighting he's at me or my brother (Matt) I can remember once just because I didn't put a shirt on right or he said something he didn't want my dad pinned him in a corner and hit him, bad. But I'm getting to matts age, the age when my dad hit him, and it's starting on me. Last week I did my work experience and I busted my balls off doing it I worked over 9 hours a day then coming home and doing course work for 4 hours and my boss said some really mean things like I was idle and always tired and wasnt enthusiastic baring in mind I was working with horses, big ones and their Dalmatian had bit me on the top of my arm and I had to get stitches but my dad today turned and said she was right to say those things because she's right, he says I'm a t**t and I'm a b*****d and I'm worthless and a mistake then he turned and hit me but it wouldn't be the first time I guess just because my boyfriends coming on holiday with us and i have to know everything apparently and he threatens to leave him at the airport, and the times he's had a fight with my grandad and my brother took me off to his room and sat me down and hugged me but I just cried hearing my mom crying but it makes me think that one day the tables will turn and it'll be me that's getting back at him cause I hate him and right now I don't know what to do but I have the bruise on my chin to prove it :(
Awesomeasurus Awesomeasurus
13-15, F
Jul 22, 2012