My Dad:

My mom and my dad had me when they where only 16, They broke up and got back together. The only problem is that my dad is the worst dad ever. I tell my grandmother i hate him and i wont to come and live with her but my mom and dad wont let me. My dad is the worse because of him i cut myself and i just wish i was never born. I think about running away but i cant because i have a brother who is five and i love him with all my heart and everytime i get packed to run away or ready to kill myself he would walk in the room and say ash what are you doin and i cant do it because he is what keeps me alive. I dont see how anyone can hate their dad as much as i do but I really hate him and i dont want to live with him. he is just mean and hateful. He hits me and im scared that one day he is going to hit my brother and imma killl him and ill be in jail. My dad is the worst thing that has ever happened to me and i wish my mom would have never married his sorry ***. I dont wont to hate him because then again he is my father. but i wont never have a relationship with him. When i get married its going to be my brother walking me down the isle i could careless if he will be there or not. Im glad i got all my hate and anger out because I REALLY TRUELY WITH ALL MY HEART HATE MY GOD FORSAKING DAD. I HOPE HE ROTS IN HELL!!!
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I can totally relate to how you feel! When I was your age, I was full of hatred. But now, I just simply don't care. Now that I have the ability to provide for myself, I do not need to be at his command.