I'm Sick Of Him

at home , It seems like i don't have a father, he doesn't talk to anybody , my mum is too angry ! so do i ! he always said b.words ALWAYS ! he doesn't give us money , but my mum always did ! i really doon't know what is his problem ! we really don't do anything to him , we 're always nice , always trying to talk to him , but he answers YES / NO :@ i'm really sick of that
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2 Responses Aug 2, 2012

Omg mine is the same way i absoulutely hate him! He doesnt care for me or my mom either but she is still married to him and she always tries to look for "the good" in him but he wont change so I think they are both crazy. I CANT LEAVE because I have no money no place to go no car and im still in highschool my grades are awful because of the overall stress I have been under of not seeing my parents happy etc. Now its going to be even tougher to go to a college. Im sick of it as well. JUST THINK OF SOME WAY tO GET OUT. Dont do anything harmful to yourself though. I could go to another home but i know it would kill my mom she cant get out of ghe divorce because of the lack of money we have so its hard on her too. I DONT have as many friends because i stay around my mom so much and i am like her couselor but i am sick of it all. P.s. Theyve been married over 20 years.

dont feel like u r the only one who hase this problem ... it's the same thing with me ... all i can do is to be away from him and it's really easy to forget about him ... i forgot that i had a father once because i was wrong ... thinking that he would change one day :/ sorry for :) but smile and try to let go if he doesn't love u and care for u he doesn't diserve to be called a father :)