My Dads A D*ck And I Hate My Step Family

Ok so, my parents divorced when I was 8 I'm 15 now. My mom and I get along great even though she went through a whole deal with drugs and she was homeless (that's a whole other story.) well when I was 13 my dad started dating some ***** I didn't like, Mandy, well after like 2 weeks of them dating my dad says to me "Mandy and three of her kids are going to be living with us for a while." Of course my opinion didn't matter in that... So I started to become a really angry person. Our house was small and we went from 2 people living in it to 6. After about half a year my dad decides we're going to move to the country out of the house I lived in all my life so that these "aliens" would have their own rooms and what not. My opinion didn't matter here either.
Mandy's children are extremely just flat out f***ing psycho! I hate all of them (she has 5 but only 3 live with us.) well they've been invading my life and privacy for about 2 years now
This is why I feel used. My father expects me to just love these people. Like I'm supposed to just take this situation by the balls and make the most out of it. The only time I'm happy is when I'm by myself getting some space. But if I stay in my room too long my dad makes me hang out with my step sis Maggy.. I hate her she is just sooo fu**ing stupid like you have no idea!! If you looked up "blonde" in the dictionary It would be a picture of her! Anyway, when my dad gets tired of dealing with her annoyance he sends her to me like I'm the damn babysitter? If I have a friend over, my dad makes me hang out with Maggy!! He treats all my step siblings like they're something special!! And when he asks how my days going, he just starts daydreaming and blocking me out while I try and talk to him! I get nowhere near as much freedom as these kids which is bull!! To put it simply, I hate my dad. He's always soo freaking rude and just does not give a sh*t about me but he keeps me more sheltered than everyone else?? Anyone else have a similar situation going on?? Please. None of my friends understand. All their parents are still married. Please. Anyone.
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Aug 13, 2012