Does Anyone Relate?

If someone's genuinly interested in what i'm about to share then plz help.

My dad has his moments, when He's really nice and funny. But most of the time, ever since I got 13 it has only gotten worse. He overreacts about everything, he he has me on this pedestal that i can't live up to. We fight all the time, he bullies me alot and sometimes my mom too. He expects me to take care of everything by myself and when i can't live up to that he says i'm spoiled and that i will never get anywhere with my attitude. He has kind of forced me into sailing since i was ten years old and he pressures me about it all the time. I often cry myself to sleep and even though My mom is a vid support, she isn't always there for me either.
He pushes My self esteem to the bottom and i just wanna run away. I'm not mentally instable so i know i would never do anything stupid but sometimes i have suicidal thoughts, not that i would do it, but i think about it and that must meen something right? He says i'm stupid, he basically says i can't follow My dreams because they are too unrealistic. I just don't wanna end up as unhappy as he is. He has a really big affect on me.
I try so hard to be the perfect daughter but he keeps pushing me down. He's never understanding, he never give me advice, he always says for me to figure it out. Like for example in school we were going to write a news article. I had just been sick (which by the way he never understands, he says i'm sick all the time) so i had missed alot. I asked for help and he Said that i should Google for information about the subject My article was going to be about. So i did but i needed some guidance. He just sat in the same room where i was studying and watched a movie and yelled at me whenever i asked for help. So i tried My very best and when i asked him i it was good he Said it's not good but it's okay. And he Said which grade he thought it would give me, he Said that i didn't try hard enough. I hate him so much, he destroys everything. Sometimes he bullies and harasses me in front of people and friends, i wanna move out but i'm only 15.
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Gabriamora: i'm sorry to hear that. Although it feels good to know i'm not the only one. Actually it has become better for me, it goes in periods. He's not a mean soul. But if you want to talk about it so that we can relate, i'm here :)

I'm sorry you've had to go through all that, it must have been horrible. I can relate to a lot of what you talked about, and I was wondering if we could connect over email and perhaps share some thoughts and experiences. I would really appreciate it, and I think venting about it could be good for both of us.

My dad is totally like that hes verbally and physically abuses me. He calls me fat

ihatedad12: my dad has never physically abused me so i'm so sorry for you, but thank you for sharing! It's always nice to feel that you're not alone in what ever you're going through..